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Lichen Loveliness

Why yes, I do love lichen.

Seriously. I actually had a little lichen collection until right before we moved, but I left them attached to the trees and rocks outside of our old place. I think this letterpress print by Colleen Ellse will be a suitable replacement.


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Laugh Break

You’ll never look at an Anthropologie catalog the same…

Anthroparodie, “Bohemia just got a lot more expensive”

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Did you know Ikea has a blog?  Me neither, but it’s loaded with home interiors, design ideas, inspiration and even a few recipes. It’s like the Ikea catalog gone wild! Check it out at Ikea Live.

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Sit Down

I started this chair reupholstery/ refinishing project in early July and well, I just stopped.  The chair was found at a thrift store for $8, so I figured if it didn’t turn out the way I planned, it wasn’t a total loss. However, if you strip it down and leave it in the garage it is somewhat of a total loss because a chair skeleton provides no function!  Excuses aside, I dove into this project yesterday, after months of hyping myself up about it; “I’m not sure I can do this, this might too difficult of a project, I should have left this to the professionals”. What I would consider normal conversations you have with yourself when in avoidance mode.

Now I’m a little mad at myself, it turned out better than I would have hoped, and it wasn’t as hard as told myself it was.  Also, if I would have finished it months ago I would had have a much needed chair in my living room.  I did do a bit of research on this type of project because this was actually my first reupholstering project. The number one lesson I gleaned from all the books, advice, and how-tos is to take your time – slow and steady really did provide great results, (so did a good staple gun).

Sorry for the bad phone photos, I couldn’t locate the camera. The fabric is a grey and light orange faux bois pattern that I got for pillows but I think it works great in conjunction with the woodgrain on the frame of the chair.

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Laugh Break

I’ve been battling a hideous cold this whole week. All motivation and gumption ran out of my nose, along with some other unmentionables. However, they say laughter is the best medicine, and I think it’s true – I actually got out of bed to post this! Ryan Gosling mixed with feminist theory, total GENIUS! Just too good not to share, unlike my cold. So laugh, it does a body good.


 Feminist Ryan Gosling

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Now that fall has officially arrived let pinecone hoarding commence, both literally and figuratively!

One for your eyes, Pavel Eekra

Two for your ears, Kenton Beadworks

Three for your table, Local Harvest

Four, or more, for your letters, USPS

And another for your neck, Beazuness

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Happy New Year

Ok, this is probably the earliest I’ve ever purchased a calendar for the upcoming year but I could not resist this monthly floral feast for the eyes from Rifle Paper. Rosh Hoshanah just happened, the Jewish New Year, so I’ll use that as my excuse.  The only downside to buying a calendar for 2012 is that I have to wait a whole three months to use it! So, if I arrive to all my fall engagements on the wrong day, you’ll know why…

2012 Botanical Calendar, Rifle Paper Co.

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