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Lichen Loveliness

Why yes, I do love lichen.

Seriously. I actually had a little lichen collection until right before we moved, but I left them attached to the trees and rocks outside of our old place. I think this letterpress print by Colleen Ellse will be a suitable replacement.


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Happy New Year

Ok, this is probably the earliest I’ve ever purchased a calendar for the upcoming year but I could not resist this monthly floral feast for the eyes from Rifle Paper. Rosh Hoshanah just happened, the Jewish New Year, so I’ll use that as my excuse.  The only downside to buying a calendar for 2012 is that I have to wait a whole three months to use it! So, if I arrive to all my fall engagements on the wrong day, you’ll know why…

2012 Botanical Calendar, Rifle Paper Co.

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La Lune

I’ve been coveting all things moon lately…

Double Merrick

Love, Erica

Julie Massey

The Sly Fox

Green House Framing


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Fire Drill

What would you take with you if your house were burning? I’m really enthralled with this idea, and the site called The Burning House. I’m finding it particularly poignant since I’m packing up all of our belongings in preparation for our move in a few weeks. As I pack I ask myself, what would I really want to save if I only had a few minutes?

Photos via The Burning House

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Flower Power

I’m trying to be frugal because we are moving in a few weeks, and moving is always an expensive endeavor. However, I just couldn’t resist these impossibly pretty dishtowels from Lisa Rupp Design. They are sure to beautify any space in my new place.  I’m considering it a housewarming gift for myself, a reward for the all the packing, and unpacking, I’m about to endure!

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Needle & Thread

This amazing embroidery by Jasmin Berakha makes me want to break out my stash of embroidery thread and start stitchin’.

Found via MoCo Loco

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Beautiful knitted food from Ed Bing Le that looks better than the real thing.

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