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Sit Down

I started this chair reupholstery/ refinishing project in early July and well, I just stopped.  The chair was found at a thrift store for $8, so I figured if it didn’t turn out the way I planned, it wasn’t a total loss. However, if you strip it down and leave it in the garage it is somewhat of a total loss because a chair skeleton provides no function!  Excuses aside, I dove into this project yesterday, after months of hyping myself up about it; “I’m not sure I can do this, this might too difficult of a project, I should have left this to the professionals”. What I would consider normal conversations you have with yourself when in avoidance mode.

Now I’m a little mad at myself, it turned out better than I would have hoped, and it wasn’t as hard as told myself it was.  Also, if I would have finished it months ago I would had have a much needed chair in my living room.  I did do a bit of research on this type of project because this was actually my first reupholstering project. The number one lesson I gleaned from all the books, advice, and how-tos is to take your time – slow and steady really did provide great results, (so did a good staple gun).

Sorry for the bad phone photos, I couldn’t locate the camera. The fabric is a grey and light orange faux bois pattern that I got for pillows but I think it works great in conjunction with the woodgrain on the frame of the chair.


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Etsy/ West Elm Pop-Up

I think this might be a fun way to spend a Saturday! West Elm is hosting a Pop-Up shop in collaboration with Etsy and Satsuma Press in Portland May 21st.  You can RSVP here.

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Bits and Bobs

Nothing turned out like I planned in the production department this weekend, so I took all the bits and bobs from my efforts and made a necklace!  Better luck next time…

Hope your week is off to a productive start!

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The Creative Wagon

I apologize for the lack of posts but I had a run-in with unmotivated, uninspired me over the weekend. I’m blaming it on allergies and low vitamin D. However, the sun was out today, the sky a glorious blue, and it was a perfect pick me up for a Tuesday, or any day really.  Kim and I have planned an “art day” for this Thursday, plus we’ve been discussing a lot of ideas, to get us back on the creative wagon – making skirts for spring and summer, re-fashioning and sprucing up a few jackets from winter for spring, watercolor painting and just general inspiration and incentive  has been on our minds. I try not to force it but sometimes you need a little push to get the creative gears moving again. I am finding comfort in the feeling that it’s turning into spring, a time for renewal and refreshment after a long winter’s nap.

On that note,  here are two fun projects that I spotted and added to my must try DIY project list – I can’t wait to try them this spring!

These Poloroid magnets and this typographic paper marquee lamp.  

Cheers and hope the rest of the week ahead is a wonderfully creative one!

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DIY Inspiration

Lately my DIY project list has been experiencing some growth.  Here are some projects I’m inspired by and super excited to try!

This leather stool, featured on Design Sponge.

These paperclips, featured on The Sweetest Occasion.

These naturally dyed eggs, featured on Kitchn.

These cascarones, (confetti eggs), featured on Abby Try Again

This chalkboard arrow, featured on Helen Rawlinson’s Blog

And last, but definitly not least, all the party and entertaining ideas featured in the new online magazine, Styled.

Hope you have a  wonderfully inspired and productive weekend!

(photo is by Shan/ Whim)

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