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Beautiful knitted food from Ed Bing Le that looks better than the real thing.


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I love these stools from Lebello.  They look like they would be nice and sturdy and hold you if you wanted to sit on them for awhile.

found via PicoCool

However, I still have a soft spot for a favorite knitted stool Shan found via Pickles, the Puff Daddy.  Now if I could just get around to knitting it.

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It all started out innocently enough… I saw a sweater in a magazine and thought it would be nice to make one.

I couldn’t get the pattern anywhere but popped into Angelika’s Yarn Store in Portland and with the help of Angelika (super friendly and knows her stuff) I decided that I could modify another sweater pattern and off I went.

So I put it aside for awhile but finally finished it!

Here is my version:

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I saw this braided scarflette project from Little Treasures and I had to try it, especially since it’s a great way to use up small amounts of yarn that might not be enough for an entire knitting project. Plus, it was quick and easy!

Again, I used the remaining yarn from another project, altering the idea a little to fit what I had to work with. I ended up with eighteen, fifty-eight inch yarn strands. I braided the entire bundle in the center and then tied the bundle of yarn in knot. Basically folding the bundle in half, to make a loop, which I would use to pull the other end through it keep it around my neck. I then created four smaller braids, each braid is nine yarn strands, and then tied each braid in a knot at the end.  I then sewed the four braids together, but only in the center, so it would have some structure when it’s around my neck.  I really like the lariat style, and it keeps my neck warm without the bulk of a long knitted scarf.  I will say that if I were to do this project again, I would do a few more braids or possibly larger braids, and maybe in a different color – when I look at the photos it kind of looks like hair – ha, ha.

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Head Gear

Knitted hat’s, ponytails and buns don’t mix, unless the appearance of a misshapen head is the look you’re going for.  I really like to wear my hair up but with the cold temperatures that have been lingering here in Portland, a hat is a necessity. So, Kim and I decided to do some knitting, altering a couple patterns to see what we came out with.  We chose to make a head scarf and an open back hat, both will keep your ears and head warm, but still allow you to wear your hair up in a bun or ponytail.

The first hat was made using this pattern from Kniity.com.











































Kim altered this pattern by using different sized needles. The original pattern calls for a pair of size eight needles and she used size ten and a half.  This caused the hat to be more rounded to the shape of her head and also increased the width of the hat, so it covered more of her head but still left room for her to wear her hair up.

The second hat was from box of patterns called the Knit Knack Kit that I purchased from a thrift store.  The pattern was intended to be done in cotton, on size 9 needles, as a head scarf. The original pattern is as follows:

(One ball of wool blend worsted weight yarn, or cotton).

– Cast 3 stitches on size nine needles, increase first stitch and knit to end

– Row 2 -4: Increase first stitch of the first four rows, knitting to end after increasing, ending with seven stitches.

– Row 5: Increase the third stitch, for a total of four stitches on the right needle, yarn over and then knit to the end.

– Row 6: Knit three stitches, yarn over, knit to the end.

– Repeat row 6 steps until you have sixty-three stitches on your needle.

– Knit four rows, bind off and weave in loose ends

– Knit i-cord for ties and attach to the corners

I altered this pattern by making the hat in wool with size eight needles, increasing the stitches from sixty-three to eighty-three. The smaller needles made a slightly tighter knit and it’s really warm because it’s woolen.  I also used some twisted yarn strands for the ties, but if you increased the stitches enough to fit around your entire head you could add a button.
























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Yummy Yarn

Help support the American Textile industry!

I stumbled across this at the  Purl Bee.  I certainly don’t need to start anymore projects but I might have to seriously consider getting this yarn, it is so gorgeous!  It is from Jared Flood’s “Shelter” collection, an artisanal line of American wool yarn.

More choices!!!  Oh my!!

See more information about the yarn, designer and where to find it at Brooklyn Tweed 

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I’ve struggled with knitting for years, not that I can’t do it, but to stay interested in doing it – just ask the five unfinished knitting projects that have been in the closet for quite sometime.  Now that it’s fall I’m getting the urge to knit up some yarn warmness and I’m contemplating two projects below that are peaking my interest and getting me inspired.

This pattern from Madder has been on my project to do list for quite sometime and it looks like something that I could complete, in anticipation of augmenting my fall wardrobe.  I love navy blue and this would be a great go to layering piece over dresses, turtle necks, or anything really.

I’m also feeling inspired by this sweater that was just featured on Knitty. I’m really loving it- the neck shape, the sleeve length and the excitement on her face that she actually finished a knitting project – sorry, I’m projecting. I was considering this in a brown heather yarn, though I do love the red in the photo. Maybe I can complete this one by winter?

I’ll let you how it goes!

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