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Did you know Ikea has a blog?  Me neither, but it’s loaded with home interiors, design ideas, inspiration and even a few recipes. It’s like the Ikea catalog gone wild! Check it out at Ikea Live.


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Now that fall has officially arrived let pinecone hoarding commence, both literally and figuratively!

One for your eyes, Pavel Eekra

Two for your ears, Kenton Beadworks

Three for your table, Local Harvest

Four, or more, for your letters, USPS

And another for your neck, Beazuness

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Now this is the stuff that makes me excited to move, thoughts of redecorating a new space!  I’m so inspired by these photos of the Elle Decor Modern Life Concept House. 

Photos via Sacramento Street

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It might be time for a few interior updates in the name of spring, to lift my spirits and brighten my outlook. I’m thinking fresh and clean, with a blue and white palette, a little natural wood and maybe a fish theme. Actually, looks like I need to go to Sweden…

tablecloth, mug, tray, mobile, napkins, basket

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I’ve been noticing alot of unexpected items in faceted goemetric forms, and I’m really liking it.

Terraiums by Assembly New York, Found via Compai

Silver Vases by Martin Azua, Found via Seesaw

Alef vase by Jaim Telias, Found via MocoLoco

Ale lamp by Jaim Telias, Found via MocoLoco

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I love these stools from Lebello.  They look like they would be nice and sturdy and hold you if you wanted to sit on them for awhile.

found via PicoCool

However, I still have a soft spot for a favorite knitted stool Shan found via Pickles, the Puff Daddy.  Now if I could just get around to knitting it.

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Designer Jasper Morrison has opened his own online shop filled with not only his designs but other well designed products from around the world.  This online shop is not the typical arangement of products into categories but more like a shopping discovery.  You select an item that provides a link to other items and you may not ever see all that’s offered but all that you want to see through searching.

Found via The Scout, via Arkitip

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