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Now this is the stuff that makes me excited to move, thoughts of redecorating a new space!  I’m so inspired by these photos of the Elle Decor Modern Life Concept House. 

Photos via Sacramento Street


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It might be time for a few interior updates in the name of spring, to lift my spirits and brighten my outlook. I’m thinking fresh and clean, with a blue and white palette, a little natural wood and maybe a fish theme. Actually, looks like I need to go to Sweden…

tablecloth, mug, tray, mobile, napkins, basket

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I love these stools from Lebello.  They look like they would be nice and sturdy and hold you if you wanted to sit on them for awhile.

found via PicoCool

However, I still have a soft spot for a favorite knitted stool Shan found via Pickles, the Puff Daddy.  Now if I could just get around to knitting it.

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It’s a gloomy day so I’ve been window internet shopping and clicking around. Just some things I found that are quite nice to look at, and I thought I would share so you can go and have a look-see yourself.

This beautiful baroque pearl from Conroy & Wilcox


This unique Moon Diamond print from The Best Part


This decadent meringue-encased lemon cake from This is Glamorous


This pair of sexy sandals from Chie Mihara


This modern fish task at Urban Outfitters


These stylish snack boxes from Jia

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Laugh Break

Just popped over to Unhappy Hipster for a much needed work break and a little injection of some funny in my day.  

“As the silence stretched on, the coolness of the furnishings failed to overcome the flaws of Craigslist Personals.” – Suzy W.


“As usual, a supper of sliced fruit was easier than trying to figure out which panel hid the stove.” – Lizzy Kate G.



To do: alphabetize mail, dust table legs, de-lint upholstery, finish wall installation of enlarged bank notices, tweeze eyebrows, call finish carpenter.


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I’ve been browsing through Eno and they really have an amazingly well curated selection of beautifully designed products for your home –  my wish list just grew by a couple dozen things.

Found via Grey

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I’ll admit it, I really like wood texture anything, and especially used in unexpected ways. These realistic looking wood place mats and coasters from Chilewich are no exception.

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