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Shoe Rant

Ok, this is not a fashion blog, I realize that, but I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of shoes for months to no avail. I have this shoe in my mind but can’t seem to find it, a stylish, comfortable shoe with a mid-high heel that doesn’t cost a kidney – a shoe that I can walk in, a shoe that’s cool but also understated and classic. It seems I can only find towering heels or orthopedic looking comfort shoes, all of which exceed my budget to the extent that even if I didn’t have a budget they would be expensive – what gives? I feel like cute shoes have experienced inflation akin to breakfast cereal.  I want a high quality shoe that will last longer than one season but I won’t see on all my fellow commuters.

However, my luck is changing.  These shoes from Leibling are exactly what I’ve been looking for! High quality limited edition shoes that don’t cost a fortune – uhm, yes please!

Found via Oh Joy, (Thank you for ending the search!)


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It’s official! I have a serious case of spring fever, so all my wants this week are based on what I wish I was wearing, because of course it’s still cold and rainy here, ugg. I’m ready to shed the winter yeti wardrobe!

This tunic from lemlem.

This bag from Artemis Leatherware

This necklace from Rust, (The proceeds from the sale of this necklace are being donated to the town of Kesennuma, Japan, in hopes of rebuilding the autistic school that was destroyed in the tsunami).

These clogs from Totokaelo

These studs from Distinction Jewelry

This linen topper from EmersonMade

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April Fools

I’m hoping this an April fools joke otherwise the joke is on my bank account! Nike and Liberty have collaborated and the love child is launched tomorrow, exclusively at Liberty – uh oh!

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It all started out innocently enough… I saw a sweater in a magazine and thought it would be nice to make one.

I couldn’t get the pattern anywhere but popped into Angelika’s Yarn Store in Portland and with the help of Angelika (super friendly and knows her stuff) I decided that I could modify another sweater pattern and off I went.

So I put it aside for awhile but finally finished it!

Here is my version:

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It’s a gloomy day so I’ve been window internet shopping and clicking around. Just some things I found that are quite nice to look at, and I thought I would share so you can go and have a look-see yourself.

This beautiful baroque pearl from Conroy & Wilcox


This unique Moon Diamond print from The Best Part


This decadent meringue-encased lemon cake from This is Glamorous


This pair of sexy sandals from Chie Mihara


This modern fish task at Urban Outfitters


These stylish snack boxes from Jia

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Being from North Carolina this success story is near and dear to my heart. Raleigh Denim produces handcrafted jeans, using locally obtained goods and services. It speaks volumes about the economy and how we are evolving and changing our philosophies for today’s market.  “…the process is always a part of the product”, I couldn’t agree more.

Found via Darling Dexter

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I’ve got a bad case of the wants, induced by a self imposed spending hiatus. I’m trying not to spend any money this month on frivolous items, with the holidays just ending and trips planned for both February and March, I thought it would be a good idea to try to be as frugal as possible – after all I’m not rich, in cash that is, nor does money grow on trees.  With that said, of course I’m finding about a million things to add to my wish list while hopping around the internet, sigh…

I want this Makr canvas fold over weekender, because you can never have too many tote bags, right?

I want this beautiful book on early Pendleton trade blankets from Dale Chihuly’s own collection, at Woodland Supply Co., because you can never have too many books!

I want this ring from Carrie Bilbo, because you can never have too much jewelry.

I want these cork notebooks from Jayson Home and Garden, because you can never have too many ideas and you need someplace to keep track of them all.

I should quit while I’m ahead!

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