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It’s National Doughnut Day today!

Hope your Friday was super sweet and your weekend continues to be a treat!

Artwork, The Doughnut Room by Emily Winfield


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Here are some quick and easy last-minute DIY valentine ideas. If you are a procrastinater like me, these ideas may come in handy today. After perusing the stationery store yesterday and feeling like I couldn’t deal with the throngs of people hunting for V-day cards, I decided to head home and make some. I’ve noticed that nice cards, like breakfast cereal, have increased in price exponentially over time, plus there were seriously slim pickings.  I actually made a few versions because I was having fun and couldn’t decide between cute or all out gushing. I will say that my Mr. isn’t the particularly mushy or romantic type, unlike myself, but I feel a card is always nice to give and receive.

One of my favorite Valentine crafts is this felt heart pins project from the Pearl Bee – so simple and lovely.  I actually have felt fabric on hand because my craft closet is overflowing with an abundance of things I don’t necessarily need or use on a regular basis, but it comes in handy when I want to make things. However, if you don’t have copious amounts of craft junk or felt on hand these can be made from other materials besides felt.  You can really use any scraps of fabric, even old clothing and sweaters would work great. And seriously, what says I love you more than a chunk of your favorite worn out sweater crafted into a wearable pin for your sweets?

I actually took it one step further and pinned them to piece of scrap card stock, that just happens to have hearts on the reverse side, (Thank you again craft hoard!), trimmed the edges with a scallop cutter, and used letter stamps for some heartfelt sentiments.

I also made a pop-up heart valentine and all you need are paper and scissors.  I recommend using a heavier card stock for a single one color card, but if you want a layered effect use a thinner paper as the card will be doubled. Fold paper in half and cut heart out half way on the crease of the fold. Open up card and push the heart inwards towards you, to what is the inside of the card.  Slightly pinch the heart on the inside of the card and fold the card closed on the outside crease.  The heart will naturally move inward when pinched. If you want multiple hearts I suggest cutting them and folding/ pinching them one at a time as they interfere with one anothers ability to fold inward. I cut multiple hearts on the how to example shots below so you could see what was going on. You can layer different colors of paper for a background color, using double-sided tape to join the sheets of paper together.  Voila! You now have a pop-up heart card that was easy to make, but not short on love.

Here are the ones that I made:

Happy Valentines Day! XOX

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Love is in the Air

It’s now February and V-Day is rapidly approaching!  I’m not necessarily into gift giving on valentines day, because I prefer a nice meal made with my Mr. and maybe a card with a love poem. However, here are some of my favorite unique gifts that show a little love.

Fire Starter Kit from Jen Pearson, “Demonstrate your everlasting, burning love this Valentine’s”


Love Letter in a Bottle from Jen Pearson


Mini Custom Heart Sampler from Miniature Rhino


Arrow Rings from Miju


Fresh Flowers from Found by James (Found via Swiss Miss)


Driftwood Heart from Hearblack



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Happy New Year to You!

The Mr. and I are getting ready for a party and I’m excited to ring in this new year. I have high hopes for 2011 and think it’s going to be one of the best years yet! Happy new year to you and I hope that 2011 exceeds all of your expectations!

Photo by Richard Avedon

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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!  Hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with laughter and joy.

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The Final Countdown

I’ve been busy wrapping, cooking, stringing, tying, and finishing up all the last-minute details, getting ready for Christmas day. Such a fun time of year and I’m looking forward to sharing, laughing, relaxing and spending time with the family tomorrow! Cheers to you and yours!

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Holiday Inspriation


It always takes me a while to get reared up for the holidays, usually dawning on me that I need to get my butt in gear a week before the actual holiday. If you need some last minute holiday inspriration check out Gifted magazine from Creature Comforts, which is  filled with projects, gift ideas and some freebies, like printable gift tags.

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