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Now that fall has officially arrived let pinecone hoarding commence, both literally and figuratively!

One for your eyes, Pavel Eekra

Two for your ears, Kenton Beadworks

Three for your table, Local Harvest

Four, or more, for your letters, USPS

And another for your neck, Beazuness


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La Lune

I’ve been coveting all things moon lately…

Double Merrick

Love, Erica

Julie Massey

The Sly Fox

Green House Framing


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Bits and Bobs

Nothing turned out like I planned in the production department this weekend, so I took all the bits and bobs from my efforts and made a necklace!  Better luck next time…

Hope your week is off to a productive start!

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It’s official! I have a serious case of spring fever, so all my wants this week are based on what I wish I was wearing, because of course it’s still cold and rainy here, ugg. I’m ready to shed the winter yeti wardrobe!

This tunic from lemlem.

This bag from Artemis Leatherware

This necklace from Rust, (The proceeds from the sale of this necklace are being donated to the town of Kesennuma, Japan, in hopes of rebuilding the autistic school that was destroyed in the tsunami).

These clogs from Totokaelo

These studs from Distinction Jewelry

This linen topper from EmersonMade

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It’s a gloomy day so I’ve been window internet shopping and clicking around. Just some things I found that are quite nice to look at, and I thought I would share so you can go and have a look-see yourself.

This beautiful baroque pearl from Conroy & Wilcox


This unique Moon Diamond print from The Best Part


This decadent meringue-encased lemon cake from This is Glamorous


This pair of sexy sandals from Chie Mihara


This modern fish task at Urban Outfitters


These stylish snack boxes from Jia

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Tatiana Pages Origomu project, which means folding rubber in Japanese, is intended as “a movement that transforms the simple act of recycling plastic materials into a form of creative expression”. Tatiana began experimenting with six-pack rings in the summer of 2009, her main goal was to inspire people to take action, using art and design, to instigate protection for the environment.

Check out the project’s website to see many more beautiful pieces that have been created with six-pack rings, like the one above.

If you want to participate but aren’t sure about your abilities in accessory design, you can mail your six-pack rings to:

Attn: Tatiana Pagés
Greencard Creative
1285 Avenue of the Americas, 5th floor
New York, NY   10019

Found via Elizabeth Abernathy

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Serenity Now

It’s shaping up to be a nutters work week, a hectic, deadline filled, stressed out kinda work week.  However, there is light at the end of this week  – my eleven day vacation starts on Friday, so I’m trying to accomplish as much as I can with my nerves and sanity intact. I think I could really use a handful of these crystal, gem and wood rings from Nga Waita to get me through.

Rose quartz “calms, soothing energy which removes negativity, restores and stimulates love”.


Pounamu “is a treasured gift, often signifies peace and has immense spiritual value, emanates great strength within”.


Lapis Lazuli is “the stone of total awareness, helps expand the intellect & intuitive aspects of ones character, facilitates clear expression of thoughts”.


Flourite is”said to bring clarity on every level, identifying truth behind illusion. Very good for centering and calming”.


Blue Lace Agate “Said to encourage higher wisdom honesty and peace. Useful in reaching higher spiritual planes”.

Found via Aubrey Road

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