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Laugh Break

I’ve been battling a hideous cold this whole week. All motivation and gumption ran out of my nose, along with some other unmentionables. However, they say laughter is the best medicine, and I think it’s true – I actually got out of bed to post this! Ryan Gosling mixed with feminist theory, total GENIUS! Just too good not to share, unlike my cold. So laugh, it does a body good.


 Feminist Ryan Gosling


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Hola y Adios

Adios mi amigas y amigos! I’m headed to Mexico this afternoon for a week-long excursion with some girlfriends and I’ll tell you one thing, after thirty rainy Portland days a sunburn is sounding mildly pleasant. I’ll be taking a technology break for a week so I won’t be posting, e-mailing, or perusing the internet. I think it will be good for my brain to not have to do a thousand things at once. However, Kim, the other half of  Whim, will be emerging from the rabbit hole to post in my absence – yay!

Have a lovely week!

Photo from Zimmerman Swimwear

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Deep Thoughts

I don’t really have much to post about today, there is so much going on in the world lately, it really makes you stop and think about what’s important. My thoughts are with those in Japan and elsewhere where natural disasters have struck in the past months.

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This isn’t new, but if you haven’t already seen the National Geographic show “Into the Lost Crystal Caves” , I highly recommend it!  Giant caverns of gypsum crystals discovered in Mexico during a mining operation – such an amazing and stunning discovery.  The researchers can only stay in the caves for about half an hour because of the extreme heat and humidity.  I probably wouldn’t make it out because my pockets would be loaded down with “samples”.

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I’m looking for a reason to make these party decorations, or… maybe I don’t need one!  The sherberty colored crepe paper is really beautiful.

Streamer DIY

Party Hat DIY


Photos and DIY from Oh Happy Day

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Laugh Break

Just popped over to Unhappy Hipster for a much needed work break and a little injection of some funny in my day.  

“As the silence stretched on, the coolness of the furnishings failed to overcome the flaws of Craigslist Personals.” – Suzy W.


“As usual, a supper of sliced fruit was easier than trying to figure out which panel hid the stove.” – Lizzy Kate G.



To do: alphabetize mail, dust table legs, de-lint upholstery, finish wall installation of enlarged bank notices, tweeze eyebrows, call finish carpenter.


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Happy Friday! This has been a week full of Fridays for me because I’ve been on vacation and lovin’ every minute of it!  We just returned from our mini ski vacation last night and it was really a great time spent with friends, with lots of laughter, good eats and a rewarding tiredness that comes from energy well spent on the mountain.

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