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Check out this new smart phone application called Leafsnap. It uses visual recognition software to identify tree species with your photographs of  the leaves and flowers. I can’t wait to try it out, and it’s free!


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I’m having focus issues today, which I’m attributing to the  road construction noise,  accompanied by a general overall vibration, that started early this morning outside our place – not the most desired sound or feeling to wake up to.  My computer is also giving me some difficulties so I’m taking it as a sign that today is just one of those days, I shouldn’t force it. I have been daydreaming about spring, spurred by my visit to the farmers market this weekend, and my favorite trees in full blossom. Spring really can’t come soon enough but I do feel it’s right around the corner!

I’ll be back tomorrow with my posts, maybe my computer just needs a nap, like me.  However, I do hope your week is starting out on a good note!

(Photos by Shan/ Whim)

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This isn’t new, but if you haven’t already seen the National Geographic show “Into the Lost Crystal Caves” , I highly recommend it!  Giant caverns of gypsum crystals discovered in Mexico during a mining operation – such an amazing and stunning discovery.  The researchers can only stay in the caves for about half an hour because of the extreme heat and humidity.  I probably wouldn’t make it out because my pockets would be loaded down with “samples”.

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Aurora Borealis

I would love to see the Aurora Borelis live and in person, but for now I’ll settle for this timelapse video by Tor Even Mathisen.

Found via The Coolist

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