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Planning Ahead

A new year is a time for reflection on the accomplishments of a year gone by, deciding on new resolutions and goals for the year to come, and buying a new planner! I love a new year almost as much as I love a new planning notebook.  My go to is a Moleskine Monthly Notebook Diary/Planner –  I just picked up one for 2011 today.  It has a monthly calender and a blank lined paper/notes section behind each month so I can also keep track of budgets, ideas, etc. and it’s quite small so I can carry it around easily. I actually write all my new year resolutions in the Januray notes section, bringing forward ones I didn’t accomplish last year that I will try to accomplish this year.  I like to look back at the previous years optimism and see what I was able to accomplish and those things that I should try to be more realistic about – nobody’s perfect, right?

Do you set resolutions or goals for yourself each new year?


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