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Ok, sorry, I fell off the face of the earth. I offer up my most humblest of apologies because I hadn’t intended on spending the whole summer away. It just, well, sort of happened. During summer in the NW time is liquid and really so much happened during my unintentional hiatus that I had to take the time to let it all sink in; Deaths, births, and engagements, not to be taken lightly and a bit of an overload if it all happens in one fell swoop. To be honest, after some time passed I asked myself if this blog really needed to continue. What’s the point? What’s the purpose? After much internal dialog I did realize that it is something I enjoy doing, I missed the feeling I had writing, sharing and talking about my ideas, even if only for myself. It really keeps me on my creative toes and the gears moving.  Plus, I realized I was thinking in “posts”, so I thought it would be a good idea start putting it back down on paper. I look forward to sharing again, possibly show you something new and at the very least to entertain you.

I also hope everyone had a glorious summer and that you are left with that satisfied feeling that only summer can give you.


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I owe this blog a sincere apology – I’ve been feeling a tad overwhelmed and distracted these days and haven’t had much time to devote to you, my mind is focused on other things.  Let me explain, we just got the fantastic news a few weeks ago that my Mr. was accepted to medical school in a small town outside of Portland!  We are super excited but I’ve also been flooded with such a mix of emotions; I’m happy, sad, nervous  and, reluctant to admit, a little scared.  I’m a scared to move to a tiny town, scared of leaving my beloved family and friends, and sad to leave the city that I love.  We have to move quite quickly so that we can get set-up and ready for school to start at the beginning of August. We are already on the hunt for our new place and packing a little, going through the junk drawers, getting mentally prepared.  It’s a little bit of a whirlwind, and actually, what I’m scared of most is the act of moving. I abhor moving – it’s stressful and it never seems to end! A friend offered up some good advice though, ” Just keep in mind that it’s a temporary stress and annoyance”. I’m trying to make this my mantra and focus on the positive because there are actually many upsides to our move. We get to move into a new place, which we’ve been wanting to do for a while. A bigger place, which we desperately need because my craft hoard and vintage collections are taking over the apartment. A place with a yard and possibly a porch, so I can garden and sit on the stoop. A place with new people and new experiences. I’ve always been a proponent of moving outside your comfort zone. A place that’s less expensive than living in the city, so we can save more money for tropical vacations, (and tuition). And finally a place that let’s the Mr. move one step closer to realizing a dream that has been a long time coming, and that’s probably reason enough.

So, if I’m not around as much as I use to be, and sort of sporadic, please don’t fret!  I’ll be back at it soon, promise.

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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday to you and hope you have a fantastically restful weekend!

I’m looking forward to some serious down time the next few days , especially since pandemonium is lurking in my future.

Photo via A Conversation On Cool

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Happy Week!

I thought I had published this post I prepared last Friday, but apparently not – apologies for my absent-mindedness.  The day job has really taken it out of me these past few weeks and I haven’t had the mental capacity to do much once I leave the office – I didn’t even have a celebratory cinco de mayo, what the!  So, Friday night the Mr. and I celebrated seis de mayo with this yummy cocktail from the LA Times  – a great way to get the weekend started. I also watched the Black Swan – yes, it’s true, I had not yet seen it, I know, I know, embarrassing to admit. I’m a little behind in the movie watching department, but I enjoyed it, thank you very much.

The Mr. and I have had brunch and dinner plans Sunday in celebration of mothers day which I’m really looking forward to was really fun.

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend and to all the mothers out there, hope you have had a Happy Mothers Day!

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Have a Lovely Weekend!

We are headed to the beach for a night with friends and I’m really looking forward to it. Sometimes it’s so nice to get out-of-town, even if it’s just a few hours away. The Northwest coast this time of  year is blustery and stormy but it’s the perfect excuse to be cozy, sit by a fire and relax. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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How cute are these ceramic Pig Speakers by Idea – I wouldn’t mind a little herd of pretty pigs for my place.

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Lost at Sea

What plantet was I on when this “18th-Century Ship Found at Trade Center Site ” was discovered?  I’m really enthralled and want to know more but there doesn’t appear to be any further speculation on the findings.  It’s been my dream since I was young to happen upon an amazing historical find like this while digging in the dirt – blame it on Indiana Jones.

Found via d sharp journal

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