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I’m realizing that I haven’t really had many “wants” lately. And I’m thinking it’s because moving has acted as seriously effective cure for my normal list of wants. The thought of having to pack anything is a major deterrent to my even looking at stuff.  However, I’m finding myself drawn to these perfectly organic wood, and wood like, objects as of late. Maybe it’s because I wish I was hiking in the woods, or that I love wood and wood grain anything, or that maybe I wish that I lived in the woods and all my belongings fit neatly in a knapsack…

This perfectly natural wooden clock, from Off Cut Studio

This faux camera walnut iPhone case, from Signimade

These simply beautiful twig rings, from Julie Nolan Jewelry

This luscious cutting board, from Gray Works Design

This perfectly pretty wooden scoop, from Herriott Grace


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It might be time for a few interior updates in the name of spring, to lift my spirits and brighten my outlook. I’m thinking fresh and clean, with a blue and white palette, a little natural wood and maybe a fish theme. Actually, looks like I need to go to Sweden…

tablecloth, mug, tray, mobile, napkins, basket

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It’s official! I have a serious case of spring fever, so all my wants this week are based on what I wish I was wearing, because of course it’s still cold and rainy here, ugg. I’m ready to shed the winter yeti wardrobe!

This tunic from lemlem.

This bag from Artemis Leatherware

This necklace from Rust, (The proceeds from the sale of this necklace are being donated to the town of Kesennuma, Japan, in hopes of rebuilding the autistic school that was destroyed in the tsunami).

These clogs from Totokaelo

These studs from Distinction Jewelry

This linen topper from EmersonMade

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A friend recently pointed out to me, in jest, that I tend to post a lot of things ” I want”.  So, I thought I would tell you why I post things I want, love and like. My “wants” are more inspiration than intention to procure and by posting and sharing them it’s merely a catalog of things, a catalog of nice things to gaze at and draw inspiration from.  Plus, I intend to give you a case of the wants as well – there are so many creative people hocking thier wares on the interweb!  I’m not a materialistic person, but I’m no minimalist either. I can by no means afford all of the things I might necessarily want, nor do I have the space if I purchased all the things I liked, loved or wanted.  One thing I know I don’t want, is my own episode of Hoarders.  However, I do have a penchant for lovely things and there’s no harm in looking and being inspired, right!?  These wants are usually totally random, in no particular order and for no particular reason but they do sometimes come in handy when I’m looking for a gift.  On that note, here are my weekly wants on a Wednesday.


This happy rainbow tee from Howies UK

This dual duty phone case from Draught Dry Goods


This artful dustpan from Neest


This magazine about inspiring successful women, The Gentlewoman


These clever reverse volume bowls from Mischer Traxler 


 This richly hued wood ring from Sticks and Stones



 And finally, if I were an outfit this would be me – from J.Crew’s Fall collection sneak peek.





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