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Did you know Ikea has a blog?  Me neither, but it’s loaded with home interiors, design ideas, inspiration and even a few recipes. It’s like the Ikea catalog gone wild! Check it out at Ikea Live.


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Now that fall has officially arrived let pinecone hoarding commence, both literally and figuratively!

One for your eyes, Pavel Eekra

Two for your ears, Kenton Beadworks

Three for your table, Local Harvest

Four, or more, for your letters, USPS

And another for your neck, Beazuness

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Keep it Flowin’

I love a good list…

From Magic Pony

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I’m realizing that I haven’t really had many “wants” lately. And I’m thinking it’s because moving has acted as seriously effective cure for my normal list of wants. The thought of having to pack anything is a major deterrent to my even looking at stuff.  However, I’m finding myself drawn to these perfectly organic wood, and wood like, objects as of late. Maybe it’s because I wish I was hiking in the woods, or that I love wood and wood grain anything, or that maybe I wish that I lived in the woods and all my belongings fit neatly in a knapsack…

This perfectly natural wooden clock, from Off Cut Studio

This faux camera walnut iPhone case, from Signimade

These simply beautiful twig rings, from Julie Nolan Jewelry

This luscious cutting board, from Gray Works Design

This perfectly pretty wooden scoop, from Herriott Grace

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Weekend Scenes

The Mr. and I went to Reno this past Memorial weekend for a my beautiful friend Elise’s wedding celebration.  It’s was an action packed weekend full of friends and lots of laughter. Here are some of my favorite photos from the festivities.

Happy June to you!  I’m hoping that summer will soon show its sunshiny face in Portland but I hope it’s bringing you warmth and that carefree feeling that comes with the season.

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The Creative Wagon

I apologize for the lack of posts but I had a run-in with unmotivated, uninspired me over the weekend. I’m blaming it on allergies and low vitamin D. However, the sun was out today, the sky a glorious blue, and it was a perfect pick me up for a Tuesday, or any day really.  Kim and I have planned an “art day” for this Thursday, plus we’ve been discussing a lot of ideas, to get us back on the creative wagon – making skirts for spring and summer, re-fashioning and sprucing up a few jackets from winter for spring, watercolor painting and just general inspiration and incentive  has been on our minds. I try not to force it but sometimes you need a little push to get the creative gears moving again. I am finding comfort in the feeling that it’s turning into spring, a time for renewal and refreshment after a long winter’s nap.

On that note,  here are two fun projects that I spotted and added to my must try DIY project list – I can’t wait to try them this spring!

These Poloroid magnets and this typographic paper marquee lamp.  

Cheers and hope the rest of the week ahead is a wonderfully creative one!

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I’ve been noticing alot of unexpected items in faceted goemetric forms, and I’m really liking it.

Terraiums by Assembly New York, Found via Compai

Silver Vases by Martin Azua, Found via Seesaw

Alef vase by Jaim Telias, Found via MocoLoco

Ale lamp by Jaim Telias, Found via MocoLoco

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