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Lichen Loveliness

Why yes, I do love lichen.

Seriously. I actually had a little lichen collection until right before we moved, but I left them attached to the trees and rocks outside of our old place. I think this letterpress print by Colleen Ellse will be a suitable replacement.


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Laugh Break

If you need a mid-day break and mid-day chuckle hop on over to Dear blank, please blank, where readers submit their own Dear_______, please_______, one liners – some of them are really quite clever.  

If that’s not enough for you, and you want something more permanent Sapling Press has teamed up with the site to provide the best of the best as letterpress cards.  The one above has to be my favorite.

Have a great afternoon!

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Time Flies…

I’m cherishing this statement because my last half an hour was definitly so…

From Sapling Press

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I’m in a print and letterpress mood today…

Letterpress Print by Dear Colleen


Vintage letterpress necklace by GwenDelicious


Cable knit  letterpress coaster by RedBirdInk


Screenprint by Mengsel


Linocut Print by Quail Lane Press


Woodcut print by Viza Arlington


Gocco Print by Dee Beale

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